These products are designed specifically for those with hair that's hard to handle. Curly, wavy or afro hair can all be tamed with the Twisted Sista range.

twisted sista 30 second curl spray >

Revitalises afro or permed hair in seconds, perfectly packaged in a spritz on handbag size.

twisted sista curl activator >

This product delivers volume, bounce and curl definition in handfuls!

twisted sista different strokes serum >

Radically reduces frizz, improves curl and adds a high gloss.

Designed to add a catwalk finish to street style hair, these products keep hair on the straight and narrow.

relaxing straightening creme >

Lets hair unwind and relax while adding moisture and smoothing out kinks.

volume control >

A great product for the perfect blow dry, creates body,bounce and shine.

smooth operator >

This powerful serum polish gives a glossy finish while adding moisture.

sexy crazy cool >

The most amazing shine spray, it will leave hair gleaming.

UT styling products are results driven and user friendly, this family of styling products is guaranteed to put hair in its place.

groove control >

A high control gel that captures UVs giving maximum slick and spike.

varnish wax >

This wax defines, separates and smoothes short and medium length hair, giving maximum confidence and a great shine.

funk soul brother >

A great product for scrunching, twisting and defining short hair.